Food Testing Services

Food Testing

Food testing is a mandatory requirement for businesses operating in the food industry. Testing helps businesses control the quality of their products, prevent risks of contamination, ensure compliance with legal regulations, and enhance their credibility with consumers and buyers.

Benefits of Food Testing

Food testing is an important process that ensures the safety, quality, and compliance of food products with regulations. Below are some key benefits of food testing:

  1. Protecting consumer health
  2. Ensuring food quality
  3. Preventing contamination and outbreaks
  4. Compliance with food safety regulations
  5. Risk management
  6. Confirming origin and quality for imported food products

Stages of Food Testing

For food manufacturing and trading businesses, sampling and sending samples for testing are typically carried out at the following stages:

  • Testing of raw materials to assess input materials.
  • Testing of finished and semi-finished products, environmental sampling, and contact surface sampling to ensure hygiene and safety during production.
  • Ingredient testing to ensure products have safe ingredient/quantity levels when used.
  • When a business wants to bring a product to market for consumption in accordance with legal regulations.

Food Testing

The list of food items requiring testing

Normal food testing

  • Testing microbial criteria present in the food.
  • Testing to determine if the food contains pathogenic bacteria.
  • Testing for harmful chemicals, banned substances, Content of heavy metals, pesticide residues level, antibiotic residues level, etc., in the food.
  • Testing the nutritional content of the food.

Normal food testing

Illustrative list of normal food testing

Functional food testing includes:

List of functional food testing:

  • Testing collagen and products derived from collagen.
  • Testing ginseng and products derived from ginseng.
  • Testing various types of weight loss foods and supplements.
  • Testing Cordyceps and Spirulina.
  • Testing products with liver-cooling, detoxifying, and alcohol-relieving effects.
  • Testing Ganoderma mushrooms and products derived from Ganoderma mushrooms.

Functional food testing

Illustrative list of functional food testing

Benefits of using Vntest’s Food testing services

  • VNTEST Institute operates in the field of testing, meeting legal requirements, and is recognized as compliant with ISO/IEC 17025 standards.
  • Test results have international value, with marks of international recognition in the field of ILAC-MRA testing (ILAC is the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation)

Certificate of VNTEST

VNTEST Institute is ISO 17025 accredited

  • VNTEST Institute has invested in the most advanced equipment systems to ensure the reliability and accuracy of testing results.

Form of Food testing result report at VNTEST Institute

Form of Food testing result report at VNTEST Institute

Form of Food testing result report at VNTEST Institute

5 Outstanding Benefits of VNTEST Institute’s Services

  1. Legal Compliance Assurance
  2. Customer Support for Declaration Procedures
  3. State-of-the-Art Machinery and Equipment
  4. Experienced Technical Team
  5. 24/7 Customer Service Availability

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