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VNTEST institute for Quality Testing and Inspection is a member of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, which is a prestigious organization with more than 35 years of operation in the field of science and technology of Vietnam.

VNTEST was granted the Certificate of Registration of science and technology activities (No. A-2169) by the Ministry of Science and Technology. This certification authorizes VNTEST to undertake various activities, such as product and goods quality testing, inspection, calibration, and testing of measuring instruments, environmental monitoring and surveillance. The organization is also actively engaged in scientific research and technology application within the realms of product quality testing and inspection, product quality management and environmental sciences

VNTEST Institute of Quality Testing and Inspection provides a wide range of services:

  • Testing and evaluating the quality of food and agricultural products
  • Testing of textile products
  • Testing of cosmetic products
  • Testing of domestic water, bottled water
  • Testing of soil, water and agricultural supplies
  • Testin of Children’s Toy
  • Inspection and calibration of equipment at the request of the clients.

VNTEST’s Board of Directors and all employees have been making efforts to improve and upgrade the quality management system to provide accurate results, creating trust for customers. Our commitment revolves around the principle of “Customer-centricity, Precision from the Start, and Professionalism in every domain.”

VNTEST institute for Quality Testing and Inspection has been granted the Certification of Registration by Ministry of Science and Technology in the field of Chemical and Biological Testing. In addition, Bureau of Accreditation has been accredited VNTEST’s laboratory against ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

VNTEST invests in the ongoing training of its testing team, ensuring they stay current with technical expertise and undergo regular capacity assessments. The equipment system undergoes constant upgrades, adhering to rigorous maintenance and calibration protocols. A coding system for test samples is implemented, guaranteeing both objectivity and security. Stringent control measures are applied, spanning from sample reception to result issuance, to meet the criteria of testing quality and timelines.